POLYSIL – your dynamic supplier for innovative solutions in the field of plastic coatings

The original idea for the innovative POLYSIL primers and paints originated in the environment surrounding Volkswagen and the idea of manufacturing a car made of plastic. That was the birth of POLYSIL.
The Wolfsburg-based company POLYSIL developed pioneering primers and coatings that bond firmly to plastics, especially polypropylene surfaces, without the need for costly pretreatments such as flame treatment, annealing, the corona process, plasma treatments or fluorination. At the same time, POLYSIL increased process reliability and the quality of the coatings.

Only POLYSIL offers you the proven original

The first primers and paints with the proven POLYSIL technology were developed by Dr. Gerd Niemeyer and established themselves on the German and international market over 15 years ago. POLYSIL remains the market leader and pioneer in innovative and functional plastic primers and paints.
Today, POLYSIL primers and paints can be used on almost all plastics and have already proven themselves in a wide variety of applications.
POLYSIL’s core competencies are in the following areas:

  • Research and development of new, environmentally friendly products
  • Production and quality assurance
  • Application consulting and laboratory support
  • Creation of comprehensive product ranges of primers and single-coat paints
  • Customized developments
  • POLYSIL Inside solutions for users and manufacturers of coatings
  • International sales and service

POLYSIL’s claim: sustainability for the success of our customers

At POLYSIL, we are confident that only economical and environmentally friendly solutions will lead to sustainable market success. This applies not only to us, but above all to our customers.
The surface finishing of plastics represents a very special challenge, which often requires individual solutions.
That is why close and good cooperation with our customers is particularly important to us. We enter into close partnerships with our customers, from which new, innovative and successful approaches result time and again.
With our system partnerships we are breaking new ground, saving costs and increasing efficiency. The resulting products are environmentally friendly and thus also comply with stricter laws.
At POLYSIL, you will not only find a wide range of proven standard products, but also individual solutions that are exactly tailored to your requirements.

POLYSIL innovations as the key to new markets

With the simple painting of cleaned polypropylene without any pretreatment, POLYSIL research and development has created new methods for economical and high-quality series production. POLYSIL customers now use this immense product advantage not only in production but also in the repair sector, especially in the repair of automobiles.

Painting according to the latest environmental standards

With the development of a new environmentally friendly product range based on water technology, POLYSIL has for some time now also been offering its customers a range of modern products that comply with the latest environmental standards and at the same time ensure excellent adhesion to polypropylene, PP/EPM, ABS, PA6 and many other plastics without the need for pretreatment.
This new product range achieves quality, efficiency and environmental protection in equal measure.

Finishing of plastic surfaces as a top priority

The primary goal of POLYSIL research and development will continue to consist of refining plastic surfaces and thus making high-quality products possible in the future.
In well-connected cooperation with research institutes, raw material manufacturers and processors, the POLYSIL research team is constantly developing new solutions for plastics, the material of the future.

POLYSIL marketing and sales

POLYSIL products are characterized by their special flexibility, which adapts precisely to the needs of our customers.
In addition to innovative products, we also focus on working closely with our customers around the globe. Our experienced customer advisers therefore provide information all over the world on innovative ways that lead to greater efficiency and high quality in the finishing of plastic surfaces.
Of course POLYSIL also offers competitive solutions based on regional conditions and environmental regulations. This includes both product manufacturing and licensing.