POLYSIL as an innovative automotive solution for painting and priming plastics

We at POLYSIL offer innovative solutions for the painting process of plastic components in the exterior and interior area, especially in the field of automotive series painting in close partnership with our customers.
After all, plastics are extremely important in the automotive industry. About 40 percent of the plastics used here are polypropylene. The trend is rising, as there are increasing efforts to replace sheet steel body parts with polypropylene. POLYSIL primers save you costly and time-consuming pretreatment steps. POLYSIL is an adhesion promoter and primer in one and leads to the best results even when applied to untreated plastics.
Exterior components in which POLYSIL plastic primer is successfully used include bumpers, plastic mudguards, spoilers, trim strips or radiator grilles.
In the interior, POLYSIL provides the best results for centre consoles, instrument panels or decorative trim.

POLYSIL paints and primers for the automotive industry

The POLYSIL product portfolio for the automotive sector includes primers and additives for plastics with the special POLYSIL active ingredient. This ensures excellent adhesion even on non-pretreated plastics such as polypropylene (PP), PP/EPM, ABS, PA6 etc. Both environmentally friendly water-based primers and solvent-based primers are available for this purpose.

Optimized painting processes on plastics with POLYSIL

The aim of POLYSIL research and development is to optimize coating processes. This applies in particular to the painting of plastics in the automotive sector.
POLYSIL has launched primers on the market that make flame treatment superfluous. This makes POLYSIL plastic primers much more efficient and time-saving than comparable products.

Environmentally friendly aqueous primers

POLYSIL offers a complete range of environmentally friendly water-based products. These also include the water-based primers of the N4110 series, although conductive primers are also available for production-line painting.

Solvent-based primers

Solvent-based primers include the products of the N1110 series and the electrically conductive primer N1114EL for use in production-line painting.

The advantages of POLYSIL plastic primers for automotive solutions

In the automotive sector, POLYSIL primers offer several advantages due to their special efficiency. This allows many processes to be significantly optimized by doing away with several unneeded work steps. This improved workflow makes production much faster. This not only saves you time, but ultimately also money, as unnecessary labour and personnel costs are eliminated.
In addition, POLYSIL primers also offer very good quality and high process reliability thanks to constant controls and improvements. POLYSIL achieves optimum adhesion and bonding to all polypropylene surfaces and many other untreated plastics.
POLYSIL’s claim to efficiency and quality is also intertwined with environmental protection. After all, the innovative POLYSIL primers for plastics are also available in environmentally friendly water-based variations.

Grundierungen der Serie N4110. Auch in leitfähiger Ausführung für industrielle Serienlackierung.

Zu diesen Produkten liefert POLYSIL eine ausführliche Beratung in Bezug auf die Anwendung und Prozessoptimierung.

Lösemittelhaltige Grundierungen:
Grundierungen Serie N1110 und elektrisch leitfähige Grundierung N1114EL für die industrielle Serienlackierung.

Zu diesen Produkten liefert POLYSIL eine ausführliche Beratung in Bezug auf die Anwendung und Prozessoptimierung.