POLYSIL in car repair – plastic priming without tempering or sanding

POLYSIL products provide you a cost-effective and high-quality primer solution for untreated polypropylene, PP/EDM, ABS, PA6 and many other plastics.
POLYSIL offers particularly good adhesion to PP surfaces without the need for costly pretreatment. This saves valuable working time and therefore money.

The advantages of POLYSIL in car repair

Due to its exceptional efficiency and good adhesion to plastics, POLYSIL offers many advantages, especially in car repairs. After all, time is money!
Process optimization and time savings are particularly important when spare parts are delivered without factory primer, as is increasingly the case with spare part bumpers, for example. POLYSIL primer can be applied directly to plastics without expensive pretreatment, thus skipping multiple work steps. This frees up capacity for other work and repairs can thus be performed much faster.

POLYSIL products for car repair

POLYSIL offers a wide range of products specially designed for car repair with many advantages for daily use.
For quick spot repair work, for example, POLYSIL is available in practical spray cans that can be applied easily and precisely. POLYSIL can filling is recommended for painting complete components. Overcoating can be carried out with commercially available base coats, clear coats or other one-component and two-component top coats.

POLYSIL plastic primer for car repair

With POLYSIL primer, surface activation and coating of plastics takes place in a single operation. Pretreatments such as tempering, flame treatment and sanding of non-polar plastic surfaces, which were previously indispensable, are now a thing of the past. The surfaces to be primed only have to be dust-free and dry.
POLYSIL primers can be applied using conventional painting technology. They adhere firmly and permanently to non-pretreated non-polar plastics. POLYSIL primers also form a high-quality and filling protective layer – a property that often distinguishes them from other primers.
POLYSIL primers dry with a smooth surface and therefore do not need to be sanded before painting. After drying, they can be overcoated with commercially available base coats as well as with aqueous or solvent-based 1 or 2-component coatings.

POLYSIL primer for plastics – adhesion promoter and primer in one

POLYSIL primer is adhesion promoter and spray surfacer in one, thus providing particular advantages. The primer is suitable for all plastic parts and allows easy application without time-consuming preparatory work. This also eliminates the corresponding preparation costs. Even the drying times of POLYSIL are very short, so that it is also possible to work much faster here. Nevertheless, POLYSIL primer provides for reliable adhesion, good covering and filling. All in all, POLYSIL guarantees a high level of processing reliability.

POLYSIL primers for plastics:
  • POLYSIL N1110-7665, light grey, and POLYSIL N1110-9162, black, 400 ml spray can
  • POLYSIL N1110-7665, light grey, POLYSIL N1110-9162, black and POLYSIL N1110thix-1241, white in fillings of 1 kg, 3.5 kg, 25 kg and 200 kg
  • POLYSIL N1112-5298, black, for fibre-glass reinforced plastics, in fillings of 1 kg, 3.5 kg, 25 kg and 200 kg
The POLYSIL one-component single-coat structural coating for plastics:
  • The POLYSIL 1-component one-coat structural paint POLYSIL N1447 has been specially developed for pretreatment-free reconditioning of unpainted bumpers and other automotive components made of the plastics PP, PP/EPDM and PVC. The one-component single-coat textured paint is characterised above all by its durable and firm adhesion to almost all plastics. We only advise against the use on PE.
POLYSIL for correcting of scratches and cracks in plastics:
POLYSIL also provides a number of well-suited products for correcting scratches and cracks.
  • POLYSIL N1116, smudge filler, light grey, in 250 g tubes
  • POLYSIL N1117, spray surfacer, light grey, in 1 kg white tin cans
POLYSIL thinner:
POLYSIL also offers a high-quality product for thinning in various fillings.
  • POLYSIL V220, thinner in 1, 3 and 30 litre fillings