POLYSIL products – the highest standards for painting and priming plastics

POLYSIL offers you a wide range of high-performance, environmentally friendly primers, adhesion promoters and single-layer coats that meet even the highest demands.
POLYSIL products enable you to work much faster and more efficiently, because with POLYSIL you can paint and prime plastics without having to pretreat them.

POLYSIL the specialist for surface finishing of plastics

POLYSIL has been a leading specialist in the surface refinement of plastics for many years. POLYSIL products passed their first endurance test in practice in 2003. A GT0 cross-hatch was achieved on non-pretreated polypropylene – the breakthrough for the innovative POLYSIL research, which has since been continuously developed.
POLYSIL’s goal is to optimize processes with the innovative and functional primers for plastics while ensuring reliable adhesion to polypropylene.
As a result, POLYSIL now works with almost all major automotive manufacturers and suppliers. POLYSIL products have also become indispensable in the plastics industry for painting and priming outside the automotive sector.

Save time by priming and painting with POLYSIL

Workflows can be significantly optimized using the efficient POLYSIL products. After all, POLYSIL primers save you two steps: you can dispense with pretreatment steps such as complex flame treatment, fluorination, corona treatment, annealing and sanding, and you no longer need to apply an adhesion promoter. POLYSIL serves as an adhesion promoter and primer in one. You can therefore achieve high-quality sturdy results in just a few simple steps. This saves you a lot of valuable working time and ultimately money.

POLYSIL areas of application

POLYSIL products are mainly used in the car repair and automotive sectors as well as in manufacturing. However, POLYSIL is also increasingly being used in many other areas such as the production of furniture, technical parts or household and electrical appliances. POLYSIL ensures the best results on almost all plastics to be painted, primed or bonded.

POLYSIL for priming and painting in the car repair sector

POLYSIL products have been used in the car repair sector for many years. They offer two decisive advantages: on the one hand, they achieve a guaranteed quality and, on the other hand, they also save a considerable amount of time, since the respective pretreatment measures are no longer necessary.
POLYSIL’s universal primer for plastic attachments, for example, does not require any prior tempering or sanding of the surfaces. POLYSIL primer is an efficient alternative especially for non-pretreated polypropylene (i.e. PP/EDM, ABS, PA6, etc.). POLYSIL primers achieve particularly good adhesion on PP surfaces even without time-consuming pretreatment. This property is becoming increasingly important as spare parts bumpers are increasingly supplied without factory primer. This can be achieved quickly with POLYSIL!
Depending on the requirements, different POLYSIL products can be used. For example, POLYSIL is available in spray cans for spot repair work and as can filling for painting or priming entire components.

POLYSIL for priming and painting in the automotive sector

In the automotive OEM sector, POLYSIL’s primary focus is on technical solutions. POLYSIL products ensure reliable adhesion to plastic polypropylene without the need for time-consuming pretreatment measures.
In the automotive industry, POLYSIL offers its customers excellent solutions for the painting process of plastic add-on parts for exterior and interior applications. The primers are available in two variations: as an environmentally friendly water-based primer and as a solvent-based primer.
Complex process steps such as flame treatment are not necessary with POLYSIL products.

POLYSIL for priming and painting plastics in manufacturing

POLYSIL products also have versatile applications in manufacturing. POLYSIL has developed one- and two-component single-layer coatings which are applied directly to polypropylene. The same applies to primers. Using the toluene-free contact adhesive, it is even possible to permanently bond plastics such as untreated polypropylene (PP) or expanded polypropylene (EPP) without pretreatment. This saves time and labour costs otherwise incurred.

The POLYSIL product range for painting, priming and bonding plastics

POLYSIL offers a wide range of products with various solutions for priming, painting and bonding plastics.
A basic distinction is made between two different product lines: the VOC-compliant water-based POLYSIL products and the non-VOC-compliant products.

VOC-compliant, water-based POLYSIL products

POLYSIL provides the following VOC-compliant water-based products

  • Primers for the automotive industry
  • Primers and single-layer coats for general manufacturing
  • Binders for the paint industry

Non-VOC-compliant POLYSIL products

POLYSIL provides the following non-VOC-compliant products

  • Primers for the automotive industry
  • Primers, one-component and two-component single-coat paints for general manufacturing
  • Binders for the paint and varnish industry
  • Adhesives for plastics
VOC-konforme, wasserbasierte POLYSIL Produkte:
  • Grundierungen für den Automotiv-Bereich
  • Grundierungen und 1K- Einschichtlacke für die allgemeine Industrie
  • Bindemittel für die Lackindustrie
Non VOC-konforme POLYSIL Produkte:
  • Grundierungen für den Automotivebereich
  • Grundierungen, 1K und 2K-Einschichtlacke für die allgemeine Industrie
  • Bindemittel für die Lack- und Farbenindustrie
  • Klebstoffe für Kunststoffe