POLYSIL paints and primers – applications as versatile as the plastics themselves

Plastics are now available in numerous different colours and shapes and can be found in almost all areas of life. It is impossible to imagine our daily environment without the wide variety of plastics.

POLYSIL paints for polypropylene

The most commonly used plastic is polypropylene (PP). This is particularly popular with many manufacturers and producers due to its good processing properties and versatility.
POLYSIL paints make the use of polypropylene even more interesting, as the versatile and inexpensive plastic can be coated quickly and cost-effectively using POLYSIL.

The wide range of applications for POLYSIL paints and primers

In addition to polypropylene, POLYSIL can also be used on numerous other plastics. There are almost no limits to the areas of application and possibilities.
In addition, POLYSIL is always ready to break new ground and find innovative solutions for its customers.
If you have a specific idea, we will be happy to find the right solution for you!
Frequent and already proven areas of application for POLYSIL include the following:

  • Automotive coatings
  • Household and electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Technical parts
  • Easyclean surfaces
  • EPP applications
  • Other applications

Plastic paints for automotive coatings

In the automotive coatings sector in particular, polypropylene is widely used. About 40 percent of all plastics used in the automotive industry are PP. And this trend is even increasing, as there is also an effort to replace sheet steel body parts with PP, for example.
The plastic PP is used in both car exteriors and interiors.
For exteriors, these primarily include the following components:

  • Bumbers
  • Plastic mudguards
  • Spoilers
  • Trim
  • Radiator grilles

In interiors, PP is primarily used for the following components:

  • Centre consoles
  • Instrument panels
  • Decorative panels

All these components can be painted and primed quickly and easily using POLYSIL. The result is good adhesion with a high level of quality. In addition, time-consuming work steps can be saved with POLYSIL during production and, if necessary, also during repair, since POLYSIL paints and primers do not require any pretreatment of the plastic.

Plastic coatings for household and electrical appliances

Plastics are often used in particular for household and electrical appliances. Production of these products is usually aimed at achieving high quality at low costs.
Coloured plastic parts are inexpensive, but cannot compete with painted surfaces in terms of appearance, feel and quality.
Effective process optimization and cost reduction with POLYSIL offers a major advantage in comparison. The result is a high-quality attractive product both in terms of look and feel with low production costs.
POLYSIL primers and single-layer coats are therefore particularly used for the following products in the household and electrical appliance sector:

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Hair dryers
  • Electrical razors
  • Mobile phones
  • Notebooks
  • Coffee machines

Convenient painting processes for furniture manufacturing

Polypropylene is also increasingly being used in the production of furniture and interior design elements. Manufacturers are usually faced with the challenge of using the most cost-effective coating processes possible, which still look good and have good adhesion properties.
POLYSIL primers and single-layer coats provide a solution to this problem.
These are often used for the following furniture and interior design elements:

  • Slats for roller cabinets
  • Trim
  • Handles and buttons
  • Furniture fronts
  • Covers
  • Windows

Functional coating for technical parts with many advantages

Nowadays, good functional coating is also required in some cases for many technical plastic parts. POLYSIL products not only offer good adhesion on non-pretreated plastics, but also many other advantages and features:

  • Ensuring UV protection through surface refinement
  • Enhancing attractiveness
  • Increasing climate and weather resistance
  • Improving bondability
  • Protecting surfaces from wear
  • Reducing dirtiness

POLYSIL paints increase the range of applications of EPP

Not only polypropylene is frequently used, but also expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a material that is being used in an increasing number of areas. POLYSIL single-coat paints can be used to extend the existing application range of EPP even further. These help significantly improve the visual appeal of products.
EPP applications for which POLYSIL single-layer coats are particularly suitable include:

  • EPP boxes
  • EPP components used in air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Device casings made of EPP
  • EPP parts used in automotive manufacturing
  • Bonding EPP parts with each other or with other materials

ABS and PP painting

In addition to PP, ABS is also being used in an increasing number of areas. As such, plastics now cover a large proportion of today’s commodities and are used in almost every situation in life. The plastics and types of use can be fundamentally different, but nevertheless have one thing in common: production should be as simple as possible and cost-effective, and the end product should be both of high-quality and durable. That is why POLYSIL paints and primers are as flexible as possible in their application.
This makes it all the more important to have a product that bonds well with all types of plastic and guarantees impeccable quality. POLYSIL provides just that: perfect adhesion, high process reliability and good quality even on untreated plastics.
Other plastic applications for which POLYSIL is used include:

  • Building services
  • Boat building
  • Building materials
  • Claddings
  • Windows/doors
  • Plant containers
  • Sporting goods
  • Medical technology
  • PP pipes
  • PP sheets
  • Twin-wall sheets
  • Wood-Plastic-Compounds (WPC)