POLYSIL is the proven technology when it comes to painting plastics

Costly preparations for painting plastics are not necessary. POLYSIL has developed a technology for you that enables you to prime and paint plastics very simply in just one work step and at the same time achieve excellent and reliable results.
POLYSIL technology has proven itself for years and has become indispensable in many areas such as the automotive industry and car repair sector.
You too can rely on POLYSIL technology when working with plastics and benefit from its many advantages!

There are many good reasons for using POLYSIL in daily practice.

  • POLYSIL technology can be used for the surface treatment of most plastics.
  • POLYSIL can be used on polypropylene without any pretreatment. No flaming, fluorination or sanding is necessary.
  • POLYSIL products offer excellent adhesion, even on untreated plastic, save time and increase the quality of your products.

The proven POLYSIL technology

POLYSIL offers two product lines with excellent properties – environmentally friendly water-based products and solvent-based products.
Both product lines offer the usual POLYSIL quality with excellent adhesion without costly pretreatment.

POLYSIL – the solution for your company

For POLYSIL, your companies and your projects are always the top priority. In addition to our standard product range, we therefore also offer you individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.
Just tell us about your task or idea. Together we will find intelligent solutions based on primers, single-coat paints or additives and binders.
All POLYSIL solutions have one thing in common: reliable high-quality adhesion thanks to the innovative active ingredient POLYSIL.