POLYSIL – Prime and paint polypropylene and other plastics without pretreatment

POLYSIL is your innovative partner for plastic coatings. After all, POLYSIL paints and primers do not require any time-consuming and costly pretreatment procedures. Even without flame treatment, annealing, sanding, corona process, plasma or fluorination, you can achieve a firm bond on polypropylene surfaces. Even better: POLYSIL products also increase the process reliability and quality of your paintwork.

POLYSIL for an improved workflow


Time savings



100% adhesion in only 50% of the time – with POLYSIL this is possible.
Shorten your workflow. Optimize your production quality from the ground up. No more time-consuming preparation. Dive right in and achieve the best results.
For example, you can activate and coat plastic surfaces with POLYSIL primer in just one work step, because POLYSIL primers are an adhesion promoter and a primer coat in one. Simply apply the primer using conventional painting technology and it will adhere firmly, permanently and reliably. The primers form high-quality, filling, protective layers that can be easily painted over.
So don’t settle for less, but use the full solution to achieve success.

Your preparation for success

Secure a competitive edge with POLYSIL paints and primers. After all, POLYSIL products are faster and more efficient. You will also save a lot of money by skipping costly pretreatment measures.
Good adhesion to the substrate is the measure of all things for a high-quality paint finish. The good thing about POLYSIL is that it adheres securely even without expensive intermediate steps!

The highest level of quality

We hold our products to the highest standards. Certified according to DIN ISO 9001, production is subject to constant and strict quality controls. We also set high standards for our products in our own laboratories by always measuring them against the latest standards. This is the only way we can guarantee you are provided with reliable high-quality products.

The advantages of POLYSIL

Using POLYSIL provides you multiple advantages:

  • Time efficiency: no more wasting time with costly pre-treatments, but ensure the best result right from the start.
  • Reduced costs: with POLYSIL you only need one product and significantly fewer work steps, thus saving personnel and production costs.
  • Better adhesion: with POLYSIL you achieve optimum bonds on all polypropylene surfaces.
  • Individual solutions: POLYSIL offers a wide range of products for numerous fields of application and other individual solutions on request.
  • The highest level of quality: POLYSIL products are subject to strict controls based on the latest quality standards.
  • Environmental compatibility: POLYSIL products are also available in environmentally friendly water-based variants.
  • Save 2 working steps by eliminating pretreatment (tempering, sanding, flame treatment, etc.), because you can not only skip pretreatment measures, but also the application of an adhesion
    promoter, because POLYSIL is an adhesion promoter and primer in one.

POLYSIL combines efficiency, quality and environmental protection

POLYSIL products are based on three important pillars: efficiency, quality and environmental protection. After all, we are certain that we can only help you truly succeed with our products by manufacturing them with the utmost care and sustainability.
We always have our sights set on the future and are constantly developing new and more efficient products. All of our products not only open up new market opportunities, but also meet the latest standards and stricter environmental laws.
POLYSIL offers an entire range of environmentally friendly water-based products.

POLYSIL – your competent partner in many areas

Plastics have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and we now encounter them in all areas and in a wide variety of designs. That is why our POLYSIL line consists of products that are as versatile as the plastics themselves.
POLYSIL’s expertise is evident in a wide variety of areas:

  • Automotive
  • Car repair
  • Household and electrical appliances
  • Furniture
  • Technical parts
  • Easyclean surfaces
  • EPP applications
  • Packaging
  • Building services
  • pipes, pipelines
  • Medical technology

POLYSIL always finds the right solution for your success

You have new ideas and are now looking for a suitable product that is not yet available on the market? No problem!
Describe your idea to us and together we will find the optimal solution!
POLYSIL is constantly developing and always looking for innovative solutions. The results are successful solutions that are tailored to your requirements and help you succeed. That is why we offer not only a wide range of standard products, but also tailor-made individual solutions.